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Chapter 9- MSFFBEC

Posted about 27 days ago by Happy202

I opened the door and there, standing in front of me was yet another cold, heavily covered boy shivering. I let him in, "What were you doing out there? You know you're welcome in the house whenever you want." I said, helping him get his coat off, he took off his boots and I set them under his coat. "Thanks," He said, smiling at me. I nodded and walked him to the couch. Chris looked at him, I could see a little bit of anger cross his face, but then Chris smiled. "Hey Ares! What're you doing here?" Chris asked. Ares snarled at him, "I would ask you the same thing." He growled. Chris gulped and looked away. "Just some. . . family problems. . ." He said, looking out of the window. I looked back and forth between them, "Would you like some hot cocoa Ares?" I asked, Ares looked at me and smiled. "Yeah!" He said, I smiled. "Okay, I'll make you some and be right back." I said, walking to the kitchen. Ares stopped me, "You don't have to Brook. I can make my own cup." He said, softly touching my arm. I blushed, "It's okay, Ares. You're my guest!" I said, Ares rolled his eyes, "Fine." He said, slowly letting go, I smiled and walked into the kitchen. I heard Ares sit on the couch, and the volume go up.

A few minutes later the hot cocoa was done, but as I was walking back I heard Chris and Ares talking. In my house the kitchen is right behind the couch, maybe I can sneak behind the couch, I thought. I've done it before, so I should be able to now. I slowly put down the mug and got onto my knees, staying low and crawling behind the couch. After a few minutes of crawling I finally reached the back of the couch, where I heard Ares and Chris whispering. "What did I tell you." Ares said, I could tell he was annoyed. "Yeah, I-I know. Stay away from her, but I. . ." Chris started. "No, don't start. If you need to talk come to my house." Ares said. "B-but you're mad at me." Chris said, "I don't want you near Brook!" Ares said a little loud. I heard him cover his mouth, "But why?" I heard Chris ask. Ares sighed, "Let's talk about this another time." He said, No! I thought. I quickly crawled back to the kitchen. Why doesn't Ares want me to talk to Chris? Is it because of Halloween? I could feel my cheeks growing hot just thinking about that. I finally gathered the courage to walk back, "Hey Ares, I have your cocoa." I said walking to his side. "Thanks so much Brook!" He said looking at me. I smiled, "No problem." I said, sitting in the middle of them, they were sitting at opposite sides of the couch, just like Chris and I had done earlier. "So, why did you come Ares?" I asked, Ares smiled, "I was feeling a little lonely in my house. And my dads deployed so my mom isn't waking up until lunchtime." Ares said. I nodded, "Alright." I said, I felt a little tired. I had a busy day, starting with going to sleep super late and waking up extremely early, and then talking for a few hours. I was worn out. I yawned, "Now who's sleepy." Ares mused, I laughed and yawned again. I saw Chris look at me out of the corner of my eye. He seemed, annoyed? Jealous?Mad? Maybe all of them, it was hard to tell. Chris' face was just a big huge mix of emotions I was too tired to figure out. I put my head on the couch. Watching the TV which seemed to have changed. It looked like Duck Tales, but I couldn't tell. I felt my eyes grow heavier. Barely able to keep them open, I opened them and Chris laughed, "Haha, you're so sleepy aren't you Brook." He said. I laughed a little, "Y-yea. . ." I trailed off. I think Ares might've looked at Chris, but I was way too tired to see at that point. Eventually I felt my eyes close, and darkness took over my vision.

From Ares point of view. . .

I watched as Brook slowly fell asleep, her eyes closing hiding her beautiful baby blue eyes I loved so much. Her face relaxing, she'd been so tense today. Finally she closed her eyes and drifted into sleep, She started to slide sideways and I leaned her into my arm. "Hey Chris, can you grab a blanket?" I whispered. Chris nodded and got up. A few minutes later he had a blanket. I took it, "Thanks," I said, he nodded. Chris seemed a little stiff today too for some odd reason. I unfolded the blanket and placed it over her, she grabbed it and pulled it to herself unconsciously. I felt the strings on my heart pull, I refrained from saying 'aww' in front of Chris. I needed to be tough in front of Chris. I blushed a little though, Brook was so cute when she slept. Chris sighed, "Now. . . will you tell me why I can't be with Brook?" He asked. I froze, he really wanted to know? I thought he didn't care. . . I sighed. "I-I just want Brook to be safe. You've told me all these stories about breaking these girls hearts, and I just you to spare Brook. She's the only person I have." I said, trying to tear up. Chris nodded, "But what if I promise I won't break her heart." He said, I shook my head. "You could easily break your promise." I said, "Yeah, but I could keep it just as easily." He said. I sighed, "I'm just not willing to give her up." He said, "If she dates you then I'll turn into a third wheel. She'll forget about me, and then what? I'll be lonely again." I said, Chris sighed. "You guys really are close." He said. I nodded. "Even though it's only been two or three months since we became friends, Brook and I have had a lot of bonding time together. And we became close very quick." I said, Chris nodded. "And I came and ruined everything." He said, standing up. " I shook my head. He walked to the front door, "I came and ruined your relationship, everything you created," Chris said. "No you didn't." I said, he walked into the Arctic room and started to put on his snow gear. "Wait, Chris. Don't leave, Brook will wonder where you've gone." I said. "Nah, I'll just leave. Never talk to her again." He said, "No come on Chris." I said, "Please? For Brook? She seems to. . ." I started, I just couldn't say it. But if it's the only way I could get Chris to stay. I had to. "She seems to really love you, Chris." I said. I heard him stop, "Really?" He asked, I heard him taking everything off. I took a deep breath and swallowed, it hurt me to say this, "Yes." I said. He walked back and smiled. Then saw my face and looked serious again. "Well, I can't date her." He said, "Well-" No, no, I can't, I thought. I can't give her up, she's mine. I thought. But. . . I took a few deep breaths. Am I really doing this? I thought. No, no, no don't do it. Everything can stay normal. Just don't do it- "You can date her." I said. DARN IT!!!!!!! I mentally scream at myself.