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Chapter 11- MSFFBEC

Posted about 20 days ago by Happy202

There was a knock of the front door, so I stopped. Ares sighed, "I'll get it." And with that, our romantic moment was over. Ares opened the front door, "Hey, Chris!" He said, obviously faking his happiness. I stood up, "Chris? What're you doing here?" I asked walking to the door, a girl walked from behind him. "Hi!" The girl said nodding to me. My mouth fell open, "Who the heck is this?" I asked pointing to the door, Chris laughed. "It's my sister, Rachel." He said, I closed my mouth. "Hmm, come on in guys." I said walking back to the couch. Ares closed the door and followed me while Chris and Rachel took off their snow gear. My house turned into what seemed like a little meeting place. "So, what's wrong guys?" I asked, looking at both Chris and Rachel. "Our parents are fighting again, " Chris started, "Yeah, and I didn't want to stay home so I followed him." Rachel said tilting her head towards Chris while looking at her phone. I rolled my eyes, "So Rachel, tell us some things about you." I said smiling, Rachel looked up. "Well, I'm in seventh grade, my name is Rachel, obviously, I'm Chris' sister, obviously, and I love to go shopping and text." She said without looking up. I looked her up and down, Rachel wore ripped jeans, a white shirt that seemed very revealing, army boots, a high pony tail, and dark eyeliner that accents her dark brown eyes. She had white skin and painted black nails, she also wore a choker and had a tongue piercing. Straight from the beginning I decided I hated her just because of the way she looked, but I didn't say anything. Rachel was sitting in the middle of Chris and I, and Ares was sitting right next to me. "Well I'm hungry so I'mma make a sandwich." Ares said getting up, Chris got up too. "I'm a little hungry too." He said, walking to the kitchen with Ares. Rachel scooted closer to me, "Hey, what's your cute friends name?" She whispered, "The kid with the red sweater?" I asked pointing to Ares. "Of course dummy." Rachel said rolling her eyes. "He's Ares," I said. Rachel blushed, "He's cute!" She said, I frowned. "Mhm." I said, looking away. Rachel continued to stare at Ares as Chris and him started laughing.

They came back with sandwiches and sat back where they were before, Ares at my right side, Rachel and Chris on my left. I turned on the TV and switched to Disney+ and put on Recess. "So, you're Ares, right?" Rachel asked, looking at Ares. He swallowed his sandwich and nodded. "Yep." he said, smiling and taking another bite. I tried not to frown. "You're really cute," Rachel said smirking and looking at me, then Ares. Ares blushed, "Thanks!" He said, Rachel leaned forward as if she was expecting a compliment back, I tried not to laugh. She wasn't going to get one. Rachel frowned, "What do you think of me?" She asked, batting her eyelashes. Ares froze, "Aheh, um. . ." He started, Chris looked at him with a look that said, 'don't say something you'll forget pretty boy.' Ares gulped. "You think I'm pretty, right?" Rachel asked. Chris continued to look at Ares. "Um. . ." He said, "What kind of question is that, Rachel?" I asked, annoyed. She looked at me, surprised. "Um, a question?" She said, "Yeah, but why are you asking it?" I said, I was honestly just asking random things. Anything to stop Ares from saying, 'you look cute' or something stupid like that. "Well, I was, uh. . I don't know." She said. "You guys just met, he ain't gonna think anything of you." I said, Chris choked back a laugh and Ares sank into the couch, taking another bite of his sandwich. He tugged on my sweater like a little kid trying to tell his mom something. I looked down at him, "Just let it go." He whispered, looking into my eyes. I sighed, 'fine' I mouthed. Rachel looked disappointed. "Hmph, everyone thinks I'm adorable!" She said, crossing her arms. I laughed, "You? Adorable? You look like you could kill me!" I said, Rachel mocked me, "You look like you could kill me, mee mee moo bee ba." She said trying to sound like me. "That's not even how I sound, I actually have a nice voice. Other than you, you have a voice rougher than sandpaper." I said, smirking. She scoffed, "Shut up weirdo." She said rolling her eyes, "Huh, I guess I'm weirdo now." I said, looking at her. "I don't even know your name, so don't look at me like that." She said, I rolled my eyes. Ares tugged on my sweatshirt again, I glared at him, "Let it go, Brook." He said. "What're you doing, talking to your boyfriend for support?" Rachel smirked, both Ares and I blushed. "Uh, h-he's not my boyfriend." I said, Ares sat up, "Y-yeah we're just buddies." He said, running a hand through his hair. Rachel went all goo-goo eyes on him. "You look so cute when you're flustered." She said, biting her lip. Chris punched her arm, I choked back laughter. "Ow!" She yelped hitting him back, "Shut the frick up Rachel." He said rolling his eyes. "Ugh, why can't I ever have fun?" She asked. I growled, "So you think 'fun' is making people feel uncomfortable?" I asked, Rachel laughed. "Uhuh!" She said. I rolled my eyes and got up, "I'm going to get myself some food." I said, walking to the kitchen. I know, I might be overreacting, but I needed to get away from this Rachel girl.

I put bread in the toaster and looked back to the living room, Rachel was all over Ares twirling her hair, giggling and flirting while Chris tried holding back laughter at Ares' uncomfortable face. I balled my hands into fists, how dare this girl just come in here and start flirting with MY guy. Who did she think she was? My toast popped up and I took it out, putting jelly on it and taking a bite while I walked back. I stopped in front of Rachel, "Excuse me please." I said, Ares smiled, happy I was back. "You lost your spot." She said sticking her tongue out. "I said, excuse me." I growled, gripping my plate tighter. Rachel stuck her middle finger out, "Come at me loser." She said, that did it. I handed my plate to Ares who took it with wide eyes, he placed it on the table next to him. Rolling up my sleeve I balled my hand into fists. "You wanna fight?" I said, Rachel laughed, "I'd beat you at anything." She smirked, how could I let this new girl make me so mad? Ugh. "You're just a little girl with insecurities. So, why don't you just crawl back into whatever hole you came out of and die!" She laughed, Ares looked straight at Rachel, right as I punched her, right on the nose. She screamed in pain putting her hands on her nose at blood dripped down her chin and hands, "Y-you-you FREAK!" She yelled getting up, she stepped on my foot which had nothing but socks covering them. I gasped in pain, tears filling my eyes, but refrained from crying. I punched her again, this time on her cheek. She cried this time, rubbing her cheek, and still blood dripped from her nose. Ares sat on the couch, wondering whether to get up and stop us or help me. Chris got up. "Stop!" He said, getting between us. I pushed him, "No, she wants a fight so she'll get one!" I said, I looked at Chris, and that's hen Rachel swung,

She punched my eye, and stars clouded my vision for what seemed like forever, I stumbled back eventually falling onto my back. I heard someone yelling my name, but the ringing in my ears made it sound far away. Someone shook me, but I barely felt anything. I felt something cold wash over my face and snapped back. I growled and stood up, "Get the heck out of her Rachel!" I screamed walked to her, putting my hand on her shoulder, leading her out of the door, walking her to the sidewalk, and then I shoved her face into the snow, which she responded by screaming and kicking my leg. I walked back into my house limping, I grabbed her snow gear and threw it at her before she could walk back into the house. All the gear she had weighed her down and she fell onto the porch. My breathing picked up, and I could feel tears going down my cheek. "Brook! Are you okay?" Ares asked, running to me, he put his hand on my shoulders and turned me to look at him. Chris ran to me, "Oh. . my. . .god. . . Brook, I-I am so sorry. It's all my fault I should have told her to stay home. OHMYGOD, it's my fault, if you want I won't come here ever again." Chris said in a pained voice, Ares growled at him, "Keep your maniac of a sister away from her." He said, I shook my head, "N-no it's okay. I-It's not your fault." I told Chris, and he sighed a breath of relief. "I owe you so much Brook." He said, I nodded. Then broke down crying, "W-why." I sobbed. "Am I really insecure?" I cried, Ares hugged me, "Forget what she said, nothing that she said defines you." He said, I wrapped my arms around his waist, and put my head on his chest. "Why'd it have to be me? She could have bullied anyone in this world, why me?" I sobbed, Ares ran hand through my hair, "Don't worry, let's get you cleaned up." He said,
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