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Writing my Phobias as poems

Posted about about 2 months ago by Happy202

Atelophobia Poem- Fear of Imperfection:
The fear of imperfection
is imperfection in itself
because your not perfect
or what others wish you to be.
Everything has to be just right
and nothing in between.
I may seem rude or arrogant
But deep, deep inside
I just want to be good enough
Good enough to be in your life,
and good enough to be loved
and good enough to succeed.
But the voices, keep telling me
I'm imperfect and unkind.
Trypophobia poem- Fear of closely packed holes:
This is the fear of holes
not big holes, not spaced out holes
closely packed small holes
They could mean anything
whether it means you have a disease,
or a disorder
Any small, packed holes make me queasy
I don't know why I have this phobia
it is a weird one to say the least
but if I see small packed holes
I'm off running like a turkey before a Thanksgiving feast
Nyctophobia- Fear of the dark:
This is the phobia of the dark
and what lurks in what you cannot see
total blackness, you're basically blind
it's not the though of being alone
but someone watching you as you stumble
through the dark.
That is what fuels this fear- written by me
Autophobia- Fear of being alone:
This is the fear of loneliness
most common in animals
the feeling of extreme loneliness
and the need to have a comforting hand
panic attacks are almost regular
and it's hard to feel safe when alone.
Even if it's at home.
I'll add more of my phobias, but if you know what type of phobia(s) you have, comment them and I'll make a poem for it!