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Chapter 15- MSFFBEC

Posted about 3 months ago by Happy202

Chapter 15-
I'm not done with this chapter yet, so I'm going to write some more. But I just wanted to go ahead and put this out so my readers have something to read. If you have any suggestions for what should happen/or people I should add. Please comment.
Also I would like to thank fnflw123 for continuing to help me with my stories, and for reading them. fnflw123 is also writing a story, so if you'd like to read hers just go to her blog area. I think I might start wrapping this story up, and write a new one. But I don't really know yet.
Alright, now let's get to the story!
Brook’s body softened in my arms. Like butter, she put her arms around my neck and kissed me back. Then, we heard a knock at the door. “Hello?” A voice called. We continued to kiss. Nothing in this world mattered except this moment with Brook. The girl I had loved ever since I’d met her. The girl I knew I was meant to be with. Or so I thought.

“I’ve been downstairs for half an hour, what are you guys doing in here?” Cindy asked.

Brook and I ignored her.

“If you guys are doing anything bad in there I will tell!” She threatened.

We continued to ignore her. Finally Cindy sighed and left us alone, about ten minutes later Brooks dad came to the door, knocked, and told her she had to get ready for the FRG meeting. Brook slowly pushed away from me, before looking me in the eyes.

“We’ll talk about this later, yeah?” She asked.

I nodded, “when you get back.”

Brook stood up and walked to the door, slowly opening it and gesturing for me to go. I stood up and followed her through the hallway. down the stairs, and to the living room where Cindy was waiting silently for us.

"Finally! You guys are back." She said, rolling her eyes.

"Sorry about that Cindy, Brook and I were discussing something." I said,

Cindy raised her eyebrows, "Brook?" she asked.

"Yeah, it's Brooklyn's nickname." I said, putting an arm around Brook.

"I would like it if you called me that," Brook said.

Cindy nodded and stood up, "okay," she said. "Well, it's getting a little late. Why don't we go home, Ares." Cindy said, walking to the Arctic room to put on her snow gear. I nodded and whispered in Brook's ear, "call me when you get back, okay? I'll come as soon as I can so we can talk." I said. Brook hugged me and whispered back, "I will don't worry, but I might have to ask my dad a few times if you can spend another night." She said, "What are you guys whispering about?" Esme asked, walking down the stairs. She was wearing an old t-shirt and light blue jeans. She had her hair in a loose braid that went around her shoulders. "Oh, um, nothing." I said, scratching my neck. Brook nodded, "I see you're ready for the FRG meeting." She said, Esme walked to us. "Do you know what we're going to do?" She asked. Brook shook her head, "I think we're just going to eat." She said, Esme nodded and sat on the couch. "We're going in about ten minutes, so you need to hurry and get ready." Celia said, coming down, and behind her was Abby. Celia was wearing a baby blue dress that went down to her knees, and white leggings. Her hair was in a tight braid, and Abby was wearing the same dress and leggings, except she had pigtails. "Come on Ares, I want you to walk me home." Cindy called from the Arctic room. I rolled my eyes. "Well, I have to go, and it looks like you have to go soon. We'll talk later though, bye!" I said, turning. "Bye Ares, see you later." She said. "Have fun at the FRG meeting." I said. "You have fun. . . walking Cindy home." Brook smirked. I groaned, "I really don't want to." I mouthed, Brook laughed, "Just 'disappear' halfway on your walk." She mouthed back. I had finally finished putting my snow pants, jacket, scarf, hat, and gloves on when Cindy tapped my shoulder. "Ready?" She asked in a nice voice. "Yeah, let's go." I said sadly. Cindy opened the door and walked out, "Bye!" I said waving towards Brook. "Bye!" She called back waving. Then, Cindy closed the door behind us, and we started our walk home.

From Brooks point of view. . .

As soon as Cindy closed the door I ran to my room to get ready, a purple dress with white flowers going up the sides, there was also a pair of white leggings and slip on shoes that were white. I took the clothing and raced into my bathroom to take a quick, cold shower. Once I was done I brushed out my hair, brushed my teeth, put lotion on my arms and legs because this dress had short sleeves, and my elbows and knees were probably really dry. I put my hair into a side braid and made sure my teeth were really clean. I also put a little bit of perfume on, and applied some deodorant to help with my B.O. Finally, I did one last check and rushed out of my bathroom, then I slipped on the shoes, and raced through the hallway and down the stairs.

"Are you ready, sweetie?" Mom asked,

I nodded. "So, what are we going to do at the FRG meeting?" I asked as we all walked to the arctic room to get our gear on.

"It's going to be a party, but it's not like the other ones were there's a park outside, this time it's inside." Mom said, putting on her snow pants and boots.

"Obviously it's going to be inside, Mom." Esme said rolling her eyes. Abby, Celia, and Esme already had their snow gear on.

Dad finished putting on his jacket and scarves, "You didn't have to say it like that, Esme. But yes, we're going to an indoor place. There's going to be food and a jumpy house for the younger kids." He said. Celia and Abby looked at each other and smiled.

"But, you will eat BEFORE doing anything else. I don't want anyone complaining they are hungry or didn't get to eat." Mom said, opening the front door.

A cold breeze swept into the house. "Mom, when are we going to get a dog?" I asked zipping up my jacket.

"Hmm, we're thinking maybe tomorrow. How does that sound?" Mom asked,

Esme smiled, "Well, we don't we need to get supplies though?" She asked.

Mom laughed, "Actually, I don't think your remember this. But, when you were a few weeks old, Esme, we adopted a small chihuahua named Gunner." She said.

"I remember him! Didn't we give him to Nana two years ago?" Esme asked.

I was about to ask what they were talking about, then I remembered, "Oh! Oh! I remember Gunner! He's been gone so long though, I forgot about him." I said.

Celia smiled, "Oh yeah!"

Abby just looked confused, "I don't know who this Gunner is." She said in a baby voice.

"Well, you'll see him in-" Moms phone rang telling her she had a call. "Mhhm. . . well we're here. . . yeah go ahead. . . okay, love you. . . yeah, bye. . . okay Lisa. . . yeah, I'll send you the money in a few minutes. . . did you bring the supplies?. . . okay good. . bye." Mom hung up. And right after there was a knock the door.

"Now, I wonder who that could be. . ." Mom smiled, opening the door. In front of us was a small brown dog with a jacket and shoes on. It was inside a small military colored kennel. The small dog barked at us, "Well girls, this is Gunner." Dad said, bringing in the kennel. Behind it was a dog bed and a bag of food, next to that was a container for the food and two small metallic bowls that were inside a brown bowl carrier that said 'woof' and there were two dog prints on both sides. Celia grabbed the dog bowls and food bag, I grabbed the bed, and Esme grabbed the bowl carrier and food container. Abby followed mom and dad inside. Dad placed the kennel down, "Okay, when we get home we'll set everything up, but right now we need to go." Dad said, walking back to the door. Mom nodded and followed him. We sighed and followed mom.

Once we'd all gotten into the car and were buckled up, we took a 10 minute drive to a small building with a 'welcome' sign on the front.