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Phobias as Poems #2

Posted about 3 months ago by Happy202

Athazagoraphobia- this is the fear of forgetting/being forgotten:
I fear one day I might forget something important in my life, like meeting my best friend. Or going to a new school.
I also fear I may be forgotten, like a pencil someone dropped, or a wad of gum under a desk.
I get anxiety just thinking about forgetting what my first love was like, or what I ate for breakfast.
I lay in bed at night constantly pondering whether my friend from 1st grade has forgotten about me, or if my parents one day forgot about me.
Arachnophobia- An extreme fear of spiders:
This is the fear of sp-sp-sp. . . I'd rather not say the word.
If I see ANYTHING with hairy legs and eight eyes, I get a panic attack.
If I see a cobweb, you better call the exterminator because I'm not going near anything close to it until the creepy crawler is D.E.A.D.