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I got a new computer!

Posted about about 2 months ago by Happy202

My parents had been thinking about getting me a new computer ever since my Dad left, and now since COVID-19 is here, and this year I'll have to do distanced-learning for a few months I'll need a faster, better computer. And that's what I got!
It's super quick, but it's also a little weird. It's from a company called 'Acer' and they don't have the same things as my PC had. Like, I can't make my taskbar transparent. This Acer computer is almost like a macbook but smaller and not as loud.
But, I'm super happy that I got this because my PC was SO SLOW. I couldn't do ANYTHING. But now I have this, and I'm extremely grateful.
ALSO, some drama happened at my house after my dad got mad at me for zoom calling my friend. He took my PC for a few days, which was sad. But then I got this computer so I was okay.
Well, after he found out I was zoom calling my friend though, he kinda. Got mad at me, then left me alone the rest of the day. BUT GUESS WHAT! I walked downstairs to get some lunch when I overheard my mom TALKING SMACK about me to my dad. "Oh yeah, (my name) did this and this, and (my sisters name) told me she did this." And I was like, oh no she didn't! She SPECIFICALLY TOLD ME NOT TO TELL MY FATHER ABOUT THAT. and she was over here telling him, thinking I was wasn't there. Well, I walked by her and she kinda. . . gasped then cleared her throat and talked about bills.
THEN! I walked downstairs ANOTHER TIME to get paper for a drawing and she was talking about me AGAIN!!!!! This time it was about something my sister kept doing that drove me CRAZY, and it still does. But she was exaggerating about it like, "the clicking noise (my sisters name) makes drives her CRAZY, like I had to separate them or they'd get into BIG fights."
I almost laughed at how hilarious that excuse was, it annoyed me, sure. But I never fought with my sister because of it. And my dad was just eating it all up. So, I walked by again to get a pen and walked back to my room.
LATER THAT NIGHT, I was drawing when my DAD knocked on my door. I was seriously NOT in the mood for conversation, especially not with HIM. But he came in anyway. . . because I said he could.
And we talked about the Soviet Union and communism because it was something I kept asking him about. And then he talked about my drawing and then he just changed the subject and started talking about the ZOOM MEETING I'd had with my friend. Saying that some kid was murdered after some guy on snapchat was talking to him, and he left the house. It was just recently that this had happened too.
But after an hour of my dad talking about internet safety, he started talking about what he'd do if I was ever killed and he couldn't find my dead body. HE said he'd go mad trying to find whoever killed me. And you know what. . . I started to cry.
But anyway, then he asked if I'd ever thought about what I'd do if he died and I was just silent, because of course I have!
So yeah, it was kinda weird, but then he started talking about something else and then once he was done he hugged me, said goodnight and left.
And I wasn't even mad at him anymore so. . . yay me!
And every day since then we've played frisbee at the end of the day, which is a little random.
Ooh, ooh.
If you guys would like, I'll write about what happened a few days ago, when my little sister had to climb on the roof with my dad!
Comment if you'd like to read about that!