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Chapter 16- MSFFBEC

Posted about about 2 months ago by Happy202

Unfortunately I can't write the last chapter here on kidzworld, when I tried to submit the blog it kept saying there was an error, and that I was trying to give out or ask for 'personal info' so I erased and re-wrote anything in the chapter that seemed like it was asking for or giving out personal information. But, then it said there was something inappropriate in the chapter, so I re-read it, and rewrote it anywhere it said anything inappropriate or anything close to that. But I still couldn't submit it because there was an error.
Also, this is going to be the last chapter I would have uploaded onto kidzworld until I finished all the other chapters, did one last grammar and spelling check over the chapters, and uploaded the last version of the story. But because this happened I can't because I can't upload this chapter so my readers may not know what's happening in chapter 17.