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The Endless Abyss

Posted about about 2 months ago by Happy202

This is going to be my new story. I haven't come up with a good summary yet, but yeah. Here's the first chapter:
Chapter 1-
I woke up to the sound of rain pouring down the gutters. Groaning, I covered my ears with my pillow, trying to fall back asleep. But, I was already awake so there was no point in trying. I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling. I tried to remember my dream, it was a weird one to say the least. But not as weird as the one I'd had two days ago. Last night I had had a dream that my mother was a villain. Who tried to take over the world, and my father was her henchman. Stealing from banks, tearing the Earth apart. Just like he'd done on Soiltari. I rolled to my right side, I had lifted the ground from under myself and flown to Mom. Where she stood on top of a hill, cackling and killing innocent bystanders. Dad was robbing bank after bank, taking every last coin from them and throwing them into bags. I had to fly to Mom and hit her, twice with rocks before she fell. Blood pouring from her head. Crying I went after dad, throwing him into the sky where he flew into space and froze instantly. I dropped to the ground and cried, knowing I'd saved my planet, but killed the people I loved.
A few minutes after I'd finished remembering my terrible dream, there was a knock at my door, "Terra?" A voice asked. "Yes?" I called back. The door opened a crack and light from the hallway poured in and blinded me for a few seconds. "AH! Close the door Mom, I'm going to go blind!" I said, covering my eyes. "Sorry, sorry." Mom closed the door. "Honey, today is your first day of school!" She said, sitting next to me. "Do I have to go to school?" I groaned turning to my left side. "This is not like Soiltari, you are required to go to school, or I'll get in trouble." Mom said, I sat up in my bed and turned on my lamp. "I wish Dad was here for my first day of school." I said, looking down. "I know sweetie, but he had some. . . troubles coming here. Remember?" She said sadly, putting her hand on mine. I nodded, "What happened anyway?" I asked looking at her. "Well, he. . . got in a bit of trouble. I told the Master not to make the bank out of grass. But what did she do?" Mom asked, "She made the Bank out of grass!" I said, Mom raised her hands as if to say, 'exactly!' "What a fool! She knew there'd be robbers." Mom said. "I'm just glad we came here, Greg said he'd come here as SOON as he got out of jail." Mom said. I nodded, "I can't wait. I miss him. . . so much mom." I said, tears threatening to come. Mom nodded, "I do too honey." She sniffed. A tear slid down my cheek, "Oh sweetie, come here." Mom said reaching out her arms to hug me. I sat forward and she hugged me tight, rubbing my back. "I just want him back." I cried. "I know, but he did something wrong, and know he's serving the consequence." Mom said, quietly. "Why did he do it?" I sobbed, "Why,why,why." I cried. Mom sniffed, "Because we were losing money and he thought that was the only way to get more." She said. She let me go and I sat back. "In the meantime, why don't we try to grow. That would mean, you pay more attention in school. I get better at cooking, and I get a better job here. You continue practicing with your powers. So, when Greg comes home. He'll be amazed by how much we've both grown!" Mother smiled. I nodded. "okay." I said. "Is there anything I need to do today Mom?" I asked. Mom looked at the ceiling.
"Well, you need to get up. School is starting in. . . THIRTY MINUTES!" Mom said, rushing to get up. "Wait, what?" I said. "Today's your first day of Earth school, remember?" She said throwing clothing at me out of my closet while I got up to make my bed. "Hurry! Shower, get changed and GO!" She yelled running out of my room. I rushed to the bathroom and showered. It was a cold shower that immediately woke me up, I shivered and jumped out. Quickly drying myself off. "Honey, come on. You're down to TWENTY minutes!" Mom said, "AHH!" I screamed, quickly putting on my red dress, white leggings, and white slip on shoes. "Come on sweetie, quick!" Mom said, I started brushing out my hair and brushing my teeth. "GO! GO!" Mom said, throwing my backpack at me as I rushed down the stairs. We stopped at the front door and quickly took a picture to celebrate today. "Okay, I love you sweetie. Now hurry to school." She said, pushing me out the door. I waved goodbye and started running down the street to school.
The fog had cleared completely, I checked my watch, 8:15, I had at least fifteen minutes to get to school or I'd be late. On the first day! I could see the school from where I was running, so I just decided to walk the rest of the way. I started to get scared, I didn't know anyone. And Earth school was very different from school at Soiltari. First, we didn't call it 'school' in Soiltari. We called it training. We would train for math fights, spelling bees, history runs, science contests, and so much more. But, apparently Earth didn't do that. Maybe they did, I didn't know anything about Earth school except the normal things I learned at Soiltari, but it was easier. And I was supposed to learn a language and what was called a 'sport'. It didn't sound very fun. The last few days I had watched soccer, football, and baseball. They all seemed very slow, boring, and scary!
I was almost at school, I looked around myself. No one was anywhere near me. Wait. . . who's that?
Chapter 2 is coming tomorrow!