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Posted about about 2 months ago by Happy202

TODAY this guy came into our house to fix the fire alarms and the water.
BUT he came exactly at 10 p.m. and me, my mom, and three sisters weren't even awake until like, 9:45
So, we had to shower, and while my mom was showering he KNOCKED ON THE FRONT DOOR!!!
She quickly dried her self off or something and came out to tell us we had to lock the bathroom door, because my sister was showering and I was about to.
So, I locked the door and HE STILL GOT IN THE BATHROOM
(that was a lie, but he did TRY to open the door)
After our showers we went downstairs, and he was STILL THERE
He left eventually tho.
I also played some minecraft with my friend, and she dug STRAIGHT DOWN, so I had to help her get out, but while I was making a staircase out, (the hole was pretty wide) she destroyed this block under me, and I fell so far down I only had HALF A HEART LEFT. She just laughed, eventually we got out, then a zombie killed me, then i re spawned and on my way back to her I died of hunger. THEN I re spawned and AGAIN on my way back to her I died, but this time a group of creepers went after me!
I also played Fortnite, but the duo thing-y. And let me tell you, my partners were the absolute WORST
My first one apparently didn't know where the circle was, and he walked right into the storm and killed BOTH OF US, because he was dying, so I had to heal him, BUT HE KEPT WALKING FARTHER INTO THE STORM. SO I left him alone and tried to get out, (which I did) and he continued walking into the storm, and then he called for help and I ignored him, even though he'd helped me when someone almost shot me to death, and when I fell out of the helicopter and almost died. . . . . . anyway!
I ended up trying to save him, but the storm killed me.
The second person gave up before we got out of the battle bus.
AND, after that I went to my room to get ready for bed, and I was singing, then I turned around and hit my hand so hard on the side of my bed it bruised and some skin peeled off.
THEN, I tripped trying to get into the shower, AND our toilet is messed up, my dad had to call someone from housing and like, five minutes later someone came, then the toilet broke again not even 2 minutes after they left, so they're fixing it right now. AND. . . . that's it
Update: The guy who came to fix the toilet left after like, ten minutes of fixing the toilet, then half an hour of talking to my Dad. I swear, sometimes my Dad is like my mom. They always wanna talk to everyone.