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Trip to Anchorage, AK

Posted about about 1 month ago by Happy202

Last Thursday, I went on a five day trip to Anchorage, AK. It was fun. I got to see beluga whales. I went through a tunnel leading to a secret fishing village. (it's no secret anymore though), I saw what seemed like a bazillion rainbows, we went to a stream and found salmon, and my dad picked up one. And, to end it all off, we saw a bear feeding on the rotting fish on the other side of the stream.
Overall, it was an exciting trip. And I was able to see a lot of the wild parts of Alaska, including more things like a waterfall, a glacier, and my dog poop inside a pedestrian tunnel that people during WW2 used to get around the old village.
AND, the best part about the whole trip is, my doggo, Gunner, got to go everywhere this time. He saw the bear, the fish, the waterfall, the tunnel. EVERYTHING.