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Day to Day: How HauntedTale is Really Feeling

Posted about 7 days ago by HauntedTale

Hello everyone... I’m HauntedTale, or Tasha J. I thought I would start a blog on how I’m feeling on a day-to-day, moment-by-moment or so. I’m not going to go into detail with everything because I feel like that would be unsafe for many kiddos and teens like myself. Personally I hate being open about things, but sometimes I need to get something off my chest.

Anyways... may as well get to how I’m feeling right now I guess.

Today I had gotten in trouble with my mother for something I did and regret doing. I won’t say what because it’s not appropriate for a site made for teens and kids like this one. I’ve been crying due to my mistake. I’m unable to go talk to my friends who live in two different places- one in Alabama and the other in New Zealand- because of what I did. I care for both of them, and love them too. I now have no one to lean on when I’m extremely sad, which is hard for me. I am filled with depression, regret, and self-hate now. I brought this mess onto myself, now I have nothing to look forward to everyday. No more messages from my two friends, no more hanging out with them, no more little role-plays. I have nothing left for joy and it hurts. No, I’m not going to do something that would cost me my life. I have to pick up and carry on, for them. Today will soon become yesterday. I know I must continue to live so I can eventually talk to my two friends again. I will never forget the happiness I felt when I was with them, but I also know that I might not ever be that happy again. No I’m not looking for pity, that’s the last thing I want from anyone. The only time I have ever felt love was with my friends. Not even my own family loves me, which makes my life harder than some may think. I know there are children and teenagers that have it worst than me, but shoot, not having a warm and loving family is horrible. Someday I want to visit them both, and maybe live with one or both of them. I hope they will remember who I am.... one can only hope they don’t forget....

Note: There’s a reason why I never say my friends names. I want to protect their identities to keep them safe.