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My Dilemma - Friendship Problems

Posted about 4 months ago by HotPinkFlash

I have two besties (not including the millions online LOL) and they both wanna play with me. Since they both want to play with me now they're fighting over ME. last night I ever=n found myself thinking should I make a schedule and on what date they get to hang out with me?! I'm going insane from their fighting and arguing. I go to the same school as them of course, but we also have other activities besides school that's a fact. Mackenzie, one of them, goes to the same ballet class, drama class, and speech/writing class as me, and the other, Ivy, goes to swim team with me, and also has the same exact piano teacher I have and goes right after me(it's private lesson) and i wait for her and we walk home together after he lesson [ivy doesn't play violin]. mackenzie's house is further than mine, but she often sleepovers, ivy's house is closer but her parents only let her sleepover once a month. now their fighting over me is getting worse. WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?!

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