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My Boring Life in Quarantine

Posted about about 2 months ago by ImAGamerGirl

Today I have done 1 hour and 30 minutes of gaming and I tried to make a video for anyone who reads and listens to me but uhhhhhh so I was gonna make a video of me and my BFFs playing Daycare on Roblox but they weren't answering my calls. Then I wanted to do an accessory hack video in Royale High with my sister but she was playing Adopt Me, again. I went into Royale High and went to Divinia Park and I saw a person with the 2020 Mermaid Halo!(There also was a person claiming I wasn't a blogger because my RP name said I was a blogger and she just didn't believe me.) I asked her if I could do an interview with her and she said yes. We went into my private server and asked her some questions and I was recording but in the middle of our interview she just left the game!!! >Frown So then I went to the trading hub in Royale High and I was about to get a halo but ppl are just too picky these days with their halos......
So that's about it! I will try to make a video tomorrow for whoever watches them! Bye!!!!!!! <3