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Story Part Two by Kid4Flash and Happy202

Posted about 7 days ago by Kid4Flash

In previous events me and my best friend AJ were trapped in a force field that was in the cemetery. We weren’t set free until we kissed. The it turned out it was our lovely parents that locked us in a cemetery. Now that your caught up it’s time for the next part to our amazing story.
We were going on our usual walk through the woods when he showed up and acted like they never broke up. He wore a red tuxedo and black shiny shoes. He wasn’t someone I would usually talk to.
“Names Ace would’ve been nice to meet you.” He says that while taking AJ’s hand away from mine and making both him and her disappear in a cold of dust ash.
I attempt to teleport to her location like I have done several times before. I would end in several random places in our dark city. I went to her house but her mother said she’ll be back don’t worry.
She didn’t understand that if I don’t know where she is I’m gonna worry. I went home anyways and if I didn’t have school tomorrow I would have looked for here until I found her. The next morning on my walk to school I looked in her normal hangout spots but couldn’t find her.
When I got to school I consulted with another one of my best friends. Shilar didn’t have much to say he never does but he did give some good advice.
“Bro skip school and go find her.” Then he turned into a bird and flew away.
I did exactly as he suggested but I took a new approach to how to do this. I tried to teleport to where Ace was and it worked. He was right in front of me in a bank vault using her to moved the motion sensors. She was in a trace murmuring something like ‘Do what he says and nothing else.’
I have no idea how he did it but he was controlling her. I wasn’t going to let that happen so I ran head first at him and knocked him over. Yeah I know it was stupid but it got AJ free of his control for the perfect time so she could escape.
He looked up into my eyes and his eyes started to spin and he said “You will do what ever I say.”
“Why will I do that exactly.” I spoke those words realizing that he understood hypnotize other people.
I knew one person who could reverse anyone abilities and her name was Eva. I teleported to my school and got her and took her to my house. I presented her with my plan and asked her if she’d help.
“So you expect me to let you use your new girlfriend to lure a menace out so I can take his powers.”
“Ok I’m in.”
“Meet me in the center of the woods.”
I got AJ and went to the center of the woods and met up with Eva who was already there. Me and Eva went behind a tree and set up the trap. When Ace got there he fell for it. He went right up to her and started his hypnosis and Eva jumped out touched him reliving him of his powers.
“Guys I need someone to hold this power I can’t hold it!”
That was something I wasn’t expecting that especially since every other power Eva held she could hold for up 30 days. I didn’t now what to do or say. Then it hit me I had to take the power.
“I’ll take it.” I said and then she touched me and the power was in me.
I had no idea what I was going to do with the power but until I do goodbye.