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help me come up with a tittle pls

Posted about about 1 month ago by kittycat375

welp im in school,i have g days and b days g days are grey days b days are blue days
i have gday today smile i like g days i have 1st:history:its not a bad class we get to go on computer so fun yay smile,after history we have free time for like an hour
then i have geometry ugh i hate that class its super boring...
.after that i have journalism that class is okay i guess...boring too,
after that class i have individual reading that class sucks
moving on to my classes for b days
1st period is:P.E/drivers education-that class is alright i don't hate it but i don't like it either
2nd: geometry i have that for both days g and b
3rd:biology i hate that class its fine i guess get to be on the computer so that is fun ^^
4th: English-i don't hate that class its okay i guess so...i get to be on the computer
and i don't eat my lunch at school nor bring lunch Frustrated
i get to school at 8:00am school,the bell rings at 8:15am people have 5 mins to get to class school starts at 8:20am
school, time is form 8:20am in the morning to 3:20pm in the afternoon so that is 7 hours of learning and working and school
welp i guess that is it smile sorry for my long rant
have a good day ^^
be safe: smile
don't get hurt
(using my sign-off)
*hugs all*
kitty out!~cya! smile ^^ ^_^