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Are You A True Friend

Posted about 28 days ago by KittyCutie1

Hello and welcome to The Best Of The Best
I have decided to entertain you with some information about different things and activities. I will be writing a blog post once a week about a new topic every time. Today my topic is Are You A True Friend
For starters who is a true friend ?
A true friend is a friend who cherishes you and who you know you can count on. They standby you consistently both when you are present and when you are not. They're Authentic and Honest with You. True friends aren't phony with you. They show you who they really are.
A true friend will never resist to tell you a secret, they will always hesitate to hide something from you unless it is a surprise
If you want to be a true friend
1. Be real
Meaning be fully authentic
2. Be honest
Always tell the truth
3. Take some interest in the details of your friends life by being a good listener
Pay attention to what your friend is telling you so you can communicate better with him or her
4. Make time for your friend
Make sure you are never “to busy” for him or her
5. Keep his or her secrets
Never tell anyone what you and your buddy discuss privately unless you are supposed to
6. Encourage your friend
Always keep your friend motivated
7. Be loyal to your friend
Put him or her before you and stick by him or her in the good and bad times
8. Be willing to work through conflict
Now ask yourself
Whether you are a good friend
Whether you stand by your friend
Whether you are truthful to your friend
Whether you are loyal to your friend
If your answer was yes for all, well done and keep it up!
If your answer was yes for some and no for the rest then, you are off to a good start but you can do better
If your answer was no for all, excuse me to say...
You are a terrible friend ! You have to make it up to him or her very soon and show them you are a good friend
Please take this advice and have a strong friendship bond with your most cherished friend
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