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Posted about about 1 month ago by KittyCutie1

Welcome to The Best of the Best Blog
Today’s topic is ...
Do You Inspire?

What does it mean to inspire?
Inspire means filling someone with the urge to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

Many people think that they aren’t good at advice when they haven’t even given it a try. Some also say they aren’t good at it because they have tried and failed.
Giving good advice is not a superpower neither is it a rare ability . Inspiring someone is a resolution from giving someone good advice. When you give someone good advice it is very likely that you will inspire the person and boost their self confidence.
There is a difference between giving advice and giving Good advice:
Giving advice: Telling someone something you feel is relevant and is inspiring to their situation.
Giving GOOD advice: Telling someone something that IS relevant to their situation, that makes them feel comforted and INSPIRED.
Inspiring someone doesn’t always have to be through your words it can also be through your actions

Things that inspire people
A listening ear
-When you listen to what someone is telling you you make the feel confident and inspired.
A good laugh
A goofy smile
An honest compliment

Please remember that the purpose of inspiring is to brighten up someone’s day

So now, ask yourself,
Do You Inspire?

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