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Posted about 10 months ago by Lex123

Ight help me here. Boys are so damn confusing!! So there's this one guy that I've liked for a while, and he likes me back. But anyways, he gets himself a gf (the biggest ho in the school I'm sorry but it true) and then after like three months you slowly keep workin on movin on from him cause you can't keep gettin hurt like that, with his little flirts and stuff that just makes you feel like you're in love or you can't breathe and so you finally think you moved on so you tell him, "Hey, I think I'm slowly moving on from you! Big Grin" and then he just like, "Ight" and then y'all talk for a while cause y'all are best friends anyways and then he start being nice all the sudden and you're like, "Aye yo wtf I thought you ain't like me!!!" and then it turns out one of your best friends likes him too, but she also like's his best friend, JUST AS YOU DO! (Don't worry, she likes his best friend more and you like him more) and you're like, "Uh... okay then." so then you get a bf, and he like "Yo watchu doin you know I like you, right?" and then you just like, "Dude you have a gf, I'm kinda giving up on you... sorry" and then he corners you while you at school and no one else is around and then he forces you to hug him and you just melt in his arms and you fall in love all over again, just like the first few months...