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The Test - A Poem I Wrote

Posted about about 1 month ago by love_imani

Poems about love can be so overrated
and it isn't a subject that should be debated
But if you want to go start one go ahead be my guest
In my own opinion love is a pest
Yes some will argue but don't speak too soon
I'll tell you my reasoning if you stay attune
First things first we all know how love's hard to find
Just searching for it drives me out of my mind
The few times I've had it, it faded real quick
It's a constant nuisance that just doesn't stick
My longest relationship was 4 months long
He broke my heart when I did nothing wrong
Since then I've been building a stronger force
Now getting to me is like an obstacle course
Some people say my heart's made of stone
But they're wrong I just keep my feelings unknown
So if you want to be with me, my standards are high
You have one shot and if you miss, oh well don't cry
But if you so happen get past my test
You'll be rewarded with love and only the best