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The Pretty Girl You See

Posted about about 1 month ago by love_imani

When you look in my eyes
What do you see?
You see a brown-eyed girl
and that girl is me
This girl is unique
Many secrets she holds
and as you read,
her story unfolds
I have many layers
Most see only the top
But what I want most
is for those stats to drop
Yes I'm a model, an influencer, and yes I'm a writer
And every day my schedule gets tighter
But I'm more than the model that you see on the stage
I can be immature despite my age
Yes I like to have fun
When all my work is done
And if you'd look at me you'd see more
I'm not the pretty girl that you saw before
Yes it's two lives I'm livin'
But only one I was given
From God up above
with endless love
And I don't want to waste it
So look at me and face it
I've got more to me than
the pretty girl you see