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The Secret

Posted about about 1 month ago by love_imani

Everyone has a secret
But this one
I just couldn't keep it
I never knew you'd have so much power over me
Every morning when I wake
And every night I go to bed
There you are just floatin' in my head
I try to push you out but you always jump back in
Your love is like my drug
And I'm a terrible addict
Can't get enough
Why is this so tough
I can't let you go
and I can't say no
You know I'm deeply in love
We're like two turtle doves
baby your drivin' me crazy
Man I can't stay away
You put me under your spell
It gets stronger each day
Why do I feel this way
Am I feeling okay?
Man I'm crazy in love
And I don't know why
But one thing's for sure
I know you're all mine