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Posted about about 1 month ago by mask_girl

Dear Mister,
Thank you. Thanks for your time, your love. I'm sorry for misunderstanding you so many times. You're a hard book to read. Very hard. But I know you well, now. I love you so much. I couldn't trust you but now I trust you more than anyone. I felt love for you again & again every time I tried to leave. I missed you like hell & my love stared to grow more more for you. I'm sorry for every pain I gave you ,hurt you. Forgive me. Every guy come wanted me as gf but you wanted me as your lover. You wanted my true love, I give you my whole heart & you'll see it's full of love for you. only for you.
I love you
Don't brake my heart
I love you
Don't leave me anyway
I love you
Please, give me your love too