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My day in school today

Posted about 12 days ago by mehak_queen

Today in school we did nothing much we just did revision because next Tuesday we have exams.
So today in Science we got a sheet of physical and chemical changes. In that sheet we had to identify whether it’s a chemical change or a physical change, if it’s a chemical change then we had to write ‘C’ and if it’s a physical change then we had to write’P’, and then we had to define it.
In SST we revised about history, the topic was Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia is now called Iraq located in the Middle East. The specific meaning of the word ‘Mesopotamia’ is ‘The land between the two rivers called Euphrates and Tigris River’.
In Thai our teacher was absent to we just got one worksheet about verbs but in Thai, example:
Eat- Kin/Gin.
In Music we don’t have any exam so we just practiced as if it’s a normal day. In music I’m in the instrument called a ‘Recorder’ in the recorder I’ have learned many songs like:
Twinkle twinkle
Jingle bells
You are my sunshine
The moon represent my heart
French song
Hot cross buns
In English we revised about rhyming words and unit 5&6.
In maths we revised ratios.
In CS which stands for Computer Science we got a worksheet of Handling data in Microsoft Excel.

<3 Mehak Kabra