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Tuesday November 5,2019

Posted about 9 days ago by Milky_eyeballs

I have been dealing with reoccurring nightmares for a few days and I haven't gotten any sleep due to it.This all began due to a urban legend that was popularized at my school after some kid stumbled across it online.It soon spread to where everyone knew about it at my school,It's a urban legend about a dream called the Monkey train.I don't recommend looking up the story especially if you are disturbed easily.

Many staff and teachers at my school have now even started scolding students for bringing up the story as it's now starting to make other students get sleep deprivation too.I for one,have only gotten five hours of sleep sometimes three from the paranoia from having the nightmare again.I already have major anxiety problems so it worsens my condition,especially at night.I am unsure and ultimately worried for many other students at my school.One of them even left home hysterical as she claimed she experienced the nightmare and saw what happened when it was her "turn".

I don't believe it but After reading it,I keep imagining the dream as I sleep as it's the talk of my school.It's even gotten this weird chain message thing now,A couple of the other students at my school claim it's real since they sometimes now get severe sleep paralysis and disturbing lucid dreaming.The story behind the dream is disturbing itself and I don't recommend reading if you are easily startled.I read the story out of pure curiosity and Now I can't get it out of my head.

I want to record what happens and what else goes on,I'm quite surprised something like this is happening at my school.I'd never expect that something so fictional could affect a high school so much,It's given a atmospheric feel to my school.I'll try to update whatever happens and if anyone has questions,please be free to message me.I am going to try taking melatonin as it's 11:57 over here and I have to try and at least get some sleep.

Again,please verge from reading the story,even if this urban legend isn't true,sometimes it's best to leave some things unknown than even know they exist.