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Wednesday November 6,2019

Posted about 8 days ago by Milky_eyeballs

So I'm back to update on the occurrences of the Monkey train dream,Today in itself has been so odd.I wasn't able to get much sleep last night since every time I ended up falling asleep to exhaustion,the nightmare begins.I want to tell my therapist about the dreams,but apart of me fears he'll not take me seriously or even think I'm some lunatic.Like I said before,I don't really believe the dream has any supernatural affects but it's based on how our minds grasp something we learn and subconsciously think into it more and more letting our imaginations go wild.The fact I know the story.It makes me dream about it since I know about it.But anyway,So At school today,My friend who'll I'll address by T had heard about the dream.I told her to ignore it,It would soon die out like most things do,I didn't really want to tell her what I've been experiencing since I didn't want her to judge or think I'm crazy.But T is the type of person who either doesn't really care and likes to handle things head on,So we ended up going to our usual spot with our other friends at lunch at which she then looked up the story with another friend of mine.I expected her to laugh it off and call it bull crap,but she stood there just staring at her phone screen.She was sorta silent for a moment before trying to brush it off and joke around with some of our other friends.But afterwards,as we walked to our 5th period after the bell rang,she pulled me aside and said.

"Hey,Can we not talk about that dumb legend again,It made me feel weird..Something about it ain't right."To which I agreed.The thing is,my friends and I love the horror genre.We go watch horror movies together,play horror video games and listen to creepy stories,So it really made me even more worried that even T,who actually peeked into the Dark web for a dare,felt dreadful because of it too.The rest of the day,I just thought of the face she made after reading the story.

After school ended,I felt so exhausted and just stressed but I fought the urge to sleep.I tried distracted myself,but it's gotten to the point that I feel ill and weak,When I eat it feels as if I could vomit from just trying to swallow.Even my mom has been saying how I look sallow and how badly I'm getting eye bags.So that afternoon,I fell to my exhaustion again,and drifted asleep only to be jolted up.I knew I dreamed it again because I was in a cold sweat and it felt as if wind was knocked out my lungs,I felt as if I was going to have another anxiety attack so I began to use my coping mechanism and breathed in and out.But I couldn't shake the feeling of dread,I hate the dream so much and I wished I never learned about it in the first place.

It's night right now,it's 11:06 and I have an exam tomorrow yet I don't want to sleep at all,I just want to pray that this dream will go away and I will finally be relieved but it continues,each time I'm always closer to go to my station."Deboning station" is my fate in the dream and I can imagine how gruesome that would be,I don't ever want to see it.

Well this is the update for today,I will update when I can as I have so much on my mind about this situation.I don't want to have to deal with this anymore,so being able to tell you all what is happening is helping me go through whatever this is.