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I wasted my 1/2 hour waiting for my bro

Posted about 10 months ago by minha

So yesterday, My mom told that I should be calling my brother and sissy the next day for a walk and to buy some groceries..
So today I waked up my sister and brother for a walk at morning, My sis woke up and freshen up and was ready.. while on the other hand my brother was wake up but he was not ready he was sitting in the bed closing his eyes("-"). So I and my sis had breakfast without him Wink Tongue. Then after that 15 mins I went back upstairs to call my bro then I saw he didn't changed up his clothes and he was on his stupid PC Shout. Then I told him to get ready(he didn't really heard) He told "Yas" and I went down back Bored.. so I thought of reading a book* so I had read it for a while then I realized an hour passed XD. I looked up my brother and..*_* this time again his now on fortnite.. I told my mom then.. she told actually brother is not coming today.. "I WAITED FOR HIM THIS WHOLE HOUR" So I took off my brother s nasty head phones and asked him again "YOU TOLD YOUR COMING! YOU WASTED OUR TIME! ×~×" XD I shall be going with my sis then.. The only reason why I hate about this is he's not hearing anything that I say ): XOXO