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Spoiled kids pt1,2, and 3

Posted about about 1 month ago by Missbatgirl621

I dont think parents truly understand the issues sibling go through when they have to watch a spoiled sibling. Like I’m 16 with 2 older brother , one younger( spoiled) and a new born sister. My whole family including my grandmother has spoiled him. The real reason i hate spoiled kids is because they think they’re supposed to get whatever they want, when they want. Newsflash that’s not how i work and neither does the world. Besides when i was growing up i legitimately went outside and played, yeah i did have a phone, a PlayStation 2(and 3) but at the end of the day
I went outside because i found being outdoors was more entertaining then sitting in front of a screen all day. Like nowadays kids, or tweens dont know about, myspace, or chat lol , or even half of them don’t use Facebook. But my point is i didn’t get a phone until i was 14 years old crazy i know. But yet my younger(spoiled) brother is 5 and he has his own tv, a phone, and an iPad. SMH
I think things start to get too unfair when you tell a kid no and they have a complete melt down. That’s we’re i draw the line. Kids are always told to listen to the eldest, but what about when your not home to see how they act. One thing i know for sure is i did get almost anything i wanted but I knew not to act like a brat. Referring back to my last blog i didn’t get a phone until i was 14, which i honestly cant lie it was well worth waiting. It’s definitely changed me for the better. Yeah it may be a little device but little. Things can go an extremely long way. But it’s different now because there’s a 5 year old with a cell phone $100 toys, and even his own $150 TV! Now that’s just ridiculous.
Here’s a story from me. I had just gotten paid and my lil bro wanted a $20 toy but i only had a $100 so i let the cashier break it in other words i basically spent. $100 on a toy he hasn’t used in 2 weeks.