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Posted about 3 months ago by MochiMomoko

I have started on 3 series while I was gone.
A horror series called "Japanese-colored horror" or "Nihon-iro no hora". I take things from Japanese history, folklore, mythology, yokai , and urban legends and make them creepy(or creepier)
A yuri-ish comedy called "My kohai is obsessed with me". I can't really describe it that well.
A slice of life comedy called "Camp Sakamoto". A bunch of kids spend a summer at a camp.
I was thinking of making webcomics and posting them but I don't know

how to, have a drawing tablet, or know where to post it. I was thinking of posting it here but I don't know a way to other than the album.
Edit: I figured out that I should make every Volume/episode a album and each photo is a page.