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A little bit about meeee

Posted about about 1 month ago by Nicki_B12

So likeeee, I’m not the type of person to really do blogs and junk. I’ve actually never really thought about it. This will be my first ever blog and like idk. Imma just start out by saying a couple things about me. Um, I am 15, healthy, gorgeoussss(that’s a lie lmfao) I have a one and a half year old puppy, she’s Jack tzu (Jack russel and a shih tzu) she’s literally my friggin’ child. Like I got her when she was two months and my parents didn’t really want to take the responsibility of caring for a little puppy (besides taking her to the vet or the pet store lol) so I raised her myself. I’m a really wild person like and I loveeee trying new things such as food or going to new places. I’ve always dreamed of going to Japan or Italy. At one point in my life like around ten years old I was weirdly obsessed with anime, ofc I’m not really obsessed or anything anymore but it was interesting. ALSO, I’m currently single. Girls.... DON’T GET A BOYFRIEND. Lol