The Parent part 1 (my Mom)

Posted about almost 2 years ago by Nyxdrowned

My mom is a very unique woman, and boy do i love her with every inch of my being, after all shes the very reason why i even exist. But if she was anyone else besides my mother, i would have punched her a long time ago.

As you may or may not know my "parents" are divorced. my mother has full custody of me and my siblings. (don't know how that happened.) My older sister has moved away to live with her biological father so that leaves me in charge of my two other half siblings. Which is stressful enough because i'm not a mother.
But any way, when growing up you learn that your parents are your idols, you learn how to respect them, and how to behave usually by following their examples.

In a divorced family its not uncommon for the parents to try and use their kids against the other parent. But, i had found a way to stay out of the "middle" simply ask them to stop talking, i am still a kid and i would like to enjoy it while i can instead of having to walk around on egg shells around my parents.
So (skip to the present.) I have done my best to not lie , to earn their respect, and most importantly be myself no matter which parent i am with. its taken a long time to gain this trust and there's no way i would do anything to destroy it. But there seems to be a problem one of my parents don't seem to trust me. they continuously talk down to me and i hold my tongue cuz they are my parent and i should respect them. but that gets difficult and even i slip up every now and again.

Parents are just like kids, they always want to win the argument, always want to be right. (some parents not all.) As an example, my mom will talk about the public school systems and how she hates them but she then somehow turns the conversation to where i feel like i need to defend it. so i calmly state my opinions. and all the while shes still yelling bringing up random points that don't even fit together, and eventually i raise my voice and sometimes a little sass comes out. remember this whole time she was yelling at me at something i have no control over. then shes yelling again because i'm getting a "tone" with her!? I'm the one with the tone!?!?

Its just frustrating, i know i'm not an "adult" yet but have i not earned your respect? have i not earned the right to voice my opinions with out being talked down too. Or am i simply not good enough, or is the one who is not good enough the parent?