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school tech

Posted about about 1 year ago by Nyxdrowned

so my school has pretty recently given all of its students Chromebooks. and while I do support this advance in schooling, it has become a nightmare. Now that most of your assignments are online there is no excuse for you to turn in anything late. so your teachers can now pile everything online and you now do nothing but stare at a computer screen all day long and type. no more talking to friends or group projects most everything it just essays essays essays!!!!! technology has taken all the fun out of school. there is no longer that sweet feeling of victory when you place that last period on your run on sentence that also just happens to be the last sentence of a well written argumentative essay. there is no longer satisfaction everything is just copy, click, send, repeat. My school is slowly turning into a home for robots. At least there is still drama club..... about the only place left where you can be creative and different.