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My ~routine~

Posted about 28 days ago by peachykeen

So, everyone else was doing this so, "eh?" why not? So my day starts at about 6:45, when I wake up. I shower, change, make my hair, then I eat some breakfast. I grab my coat, backpack, clarinet, and book if I have one to take that day, and head out to the bus. I go to school until 2:50-ish, since I'm in Middle School. Then I come home, change into comfortable clothes, and watch TV then go on Kidsworld for a bit before snacking a bit and then doing my homework. My mom comes home from work and then I eat Lunch with her, at about 4:50. Then I watch some more TV and then play some games. Then I go out for a walk sometimes. Then my dad comes home and I watch soccer with him. I read my book and do a bit more homework. Then I come downstairs and eat Dinner. Now it's around 8:00 and I go read my book some more and then I change into my night clothes. Then I go to bed! The end!