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Encouragement for people who don't have a purpose

Posted about about 2 months ago by Peny

Mmmm! Imagine bits of juicy steak dipped in a tasty sauce and joined by the flavor of peas and carrots. You open your mouth and take a bite. Wait a minute. Something’s very wrong here. Blecch! This isn't a fancy steak dinner, it's . . . dog food! You must’ve eaten Fido's dinner by mistake. After all, no one in his right mind would eat dog food on purpose. Or would they?

Believe it or not, some people do—and they're professionals at it. Dog Food Taster is a real job. These people sample canine cuisine and write reports about its taste and texture. Companies use that information to fine-tune dog food recipes so that, when bags of kibble arrive in stores, dog owners can feel confident they’re buying something Fido will love.

How would you like the job of Professional Dog Food Taster? Maybe you're interested in something else, like becoming a software engineer or a nurse. Maybe you dream of designing buildings, or writing radio dramas for Adventures in Odyssey. In today’s episode, “Walter's Flying Bus,” Camilla Parker learns that God has a special purpose for every one of us!

When Camilla tries out Whit's new program in the Inspiration Station, she meets Walter, a young orphan with big dreams and a vivid imagination. He and his friends teach Camilla that God gives everyone skills that can be used to help others. In John 15:16, Jesus even tells us that He chose us to follow Him and tell others about God's love. Being hand-picked by Jesus means that you are very special. He has a purpose for you. So whether He has given you the desire to become a bus driver, an engineer or a dog food taster, use that opportunity to bless others as you represent Him.