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Welcome To India! (a very fun and very long post to get ur mind of the virus)

Posted about about 2 months ago by Periwinkle30

Hi guyzzzzzz.! Today, even though most of you can probably not even step ahead your doorstep, I shall take you to INDIA. I chose this topic for two main reasons, firstly because I feel that if we just get our minds off coronavirus, and just think positively, life will be better, and second because I know many of you are not Indian, and anywho I am too lazy to go and google up the traditions of another country. (Yes, I'm Indian.)
So, you may or may not have heard it, but back in the days, (not my days) a couple (or more) centuries ago, India was a very rich and glorious country and called the Golden Bird, or Sone Ki Chiriyaa in hindi. (Hindi is India's national language.) Now, I am not going to go into the robbing and blah blah blah of India, but Ima focus on the traditions.
Firstly, Indians had a special science called Ayurveda. It quite popular today too. So all our food and eating habits were more or less following Ayurveda. We never ran out of milk in the North, across states like Punjab, so all the food recipes with Paneer, or cottage cheese in them, were from there.
Another food I love is Chaat. Chaat is very popular in almost all of India, and consists of foods like Pakoras (chopped onions or potatoes dipped in a gram flour and water mix and then fried), and are usually eaten with hari chutney, which is a spicy coriander chutney. Golgappas! Some of you may think that is cuckoo, but golgappas are like.....s'mores to you. Golgappa (also known as pani puri) is a popular bite-size chaat consisting of a hollow, crispy-fried puffed ball that is filled with potato, chickpeas, onions, spices, and flavored water, usually tamarind or mint, and popped into one's mouth whole. It is a taste sensation! Imagine biting into the crisp outer shell, and your mouth filling with flavored spicy water and neutralizing it with potato and chickpeas.
Anywho, I can't put in all of India's savory treats in this post, so let's move on to desserts!
The famous gajar ka halwa, gulab jamun, or kaju ki barfi or. Absolute deliciousness! Gajar ka halwa is a combination of nuts, milk, sugar, khoya and ghee with grated carrot. Gulab Jamun, soft balls of fried dough in rosewater syrup. Kaju katli (literally "cashew slice"), also known as kaju barfi, is an Indian dessert similar to a barfi. Kaju means cashew; Barfi is, made by thickening milk with sugar and other ingredients (such as dry fruits and mild spices).
Now that I have acquainted you with our food, let's move on to clothes!
In India, each state more or less had it's own outfit. But I'm just gonna tell you about our tradition outfit, still worn by many.
Woman in India used to wear saris, which you may or may not have heard of. They wear a blouse, peticoat(a thin skirt like garment worn to tuck the sari in.) and wrap a cloth around their body in a typical style or manner, different to every state.
Men, more or less, just wore kurtas, and pajamas (not the kind you guys wear to sleep,but made of cotton and quite fitted).
So guys that's it, if any of you read this post to the end, congrats! I wasn't expecting peeps to read a post so long!