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10 Hugely Critical Tips to Use During Vacations

Posted about about 1 month ago by pinkunicorn999

Okay . . . um, so this is NOT TIMELY AT ALL which is because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But I kinda just wanted to blog . . . because this is my first. Thank you to who is reading this. So, here is the list of tips:

1. NEVER FOLLOW THE WRONG PARENTS. I tend to do that, don't make that mistake! I've even tried to talk to those strangers who I thought were my parents. Tip: To prevent following the wrong parents, PAY ATTENTION TO THEM. You can just keep your eyes on them or try to remember their clothing/accessories, so you will know if you are following the wrong person.

2. BRING A WATER BOTTLE WHEN YOU GO SIGHTSEEING. People get really thirsty when walking around the city. Although you might have to go, um, #1, it's still better to stay hydrated. This has happened to me a lot because I just hate having to go to the bathroom. If you are like me, you could simply take small sips every few seconds until you are hydrated.

3. DON'T TELL CITIZENS ABOUT YOURSELF. Never, never, never, never!! Do NOT tell other people that you are on vacation, what your favorite color is, or anything! Especially at a restaurant. Waiters and waitresses totally HATE over talkers. Especially when they speak differently . . .

4. DRESS WELL. When you are at the airport/hotel, look at what everyone is wearing. Then wear something as similar as possible from your luggage. (TO PREVENT HUMILIATION.)

5. EAT THE AUTHENTIC FOOD. Go to restaurants, NEVER to 7-11, or Safeway! Do NOT make your own food. Besides, this is your only chance to eat that good kind of food! (And besides, it's totally much easier to eat at a restaurant.)

6. GO FULL-OUT ON THIS VACATION. Why? To have the best experience possible! And to convince your parents to go on vacation again soon. Go to the amusement park, the spa, high-end restaurants, and MORE. You should sightsee at least once a day!

7. BE BOLD. You should NOT hide behind your parents. Don't be afraid, because people generally prefer confident peeps, and won't bug you and ask 'if you're okay'.

8. HAVE FUN. Or pretend that you're having fun. You DO NOT want your parents to worry about you . . . right? You can fake a smile if you have to take photos. It's FINE.

9. DON'T BRING YOUR PETS. If you want to go sightseeing without any drama, DO NOT BRING PETS. No! Hire a pet-sitter at home so you can actually 'vacation'!

10. The last one, finally! ONLY BRING WHAT YOU NEED. Do NOT bring a cute little squishy or stuffed animal, as it gets lost in the bed a LOT. Only bring what is totally necessary and needed, and maybe ONE comfort item.

Okay! That's all. Thanks so much for reading!