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The Magical Bird ( Short Story For Kids)

Posted about about 1 month ago by progirl10

Once upon a time there lived a king who was ill . His son the prince and the whole kingdom was worried . Many doctors came to the palace and tried to solve the problem, no one could understand the problem. One day a sage came to the palace and immediately understood the problem. He turned to the prince and said that there is only one solution for this problem. He said “ Go to the corner of the kingdom. There is a river there and near it there is a tree. On that there is a golden bird which is magical. Take a sip of water from the river. Then the bird will sit on your shoulder. When it flies it leaves a feather on where it sat. Then take the feather and come to the palace and then I will tell you what should be done.”Then the prince did as the sage told and got the feather and went to the palace. The sage said “ Put the feather under your father’s pillow. After 1 hour he will be fine. So, after 1 hour the king woke from the bed happily and the prince and the kingdom was happy. The prince thanked the sage for his help. The one thing that no one knew is that the magical bird was none other than the sage .

- progirl10