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You Know What... Forget Love

Posted about 28 days ago by RedHeadLogic

Ok I am just saying this so y'all see how I really feel about this. The title of this blog are not the words I would have used, I wanted to use something a little more vulgar... Anyways let's get started.

I am one that believes that love is special, something that is truly meant for you and one person, but I see now that not many people believe as I do. I poured my heart out and I poured it out really to one person, then that person goes behind my back for someone else. I would have understood if they at least was like hey, I don't want to see you anymore... or something around that nature, but no I had to find out through other people before I found out from her. I lost all forms of trust I had from my parents, my coaches, and some teachers for this person. I don't know if they know this or not but trust is hard asf to regain back. After everything I did this is how I get repayed, with her saying that she thought it was over, but not telling me that and finding someone else. So I am done with this love crap, and everyone out going, oh I need a bf/gf, words of advice don't. It isn't worth it when most of the time stuff (more vulgar but I want y'all to read it) like this ends up happening. Will I love again? Idk after this I am not sure I want to, but we shall see in due time. Hope y'all read this all the way through, I know I was a little.... Very wordy, but that is just how I feel on the matter now.