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Posted about 3 months ago by rocky796

im sure you all have heard of the ACAB (all cops are bad) movement, and the protests and riots going on in support of Black Lives Matter. I personally don't support the ACAB movement, but my best friend fully supports it, and has even gone to the extent of blocking and unfriending people who don't agree.
Earlier today, I posted this on my instagram story (knowing fully well my best friend would see it and get mad).

"Some of you might boutta be real mad at me but i want to voice my opinion on this: i dont think all cops are bad. i get the anger and frustration over the deaths and injustice but to sit there and call them all bad is hurtful to the cops who have done nothing wrong. there's plenty of good cops out there, its just unfortunately theres more bad then good, ya know? the injustice and brutality we've been seeing on the news and on social media against people of color definitely have something to do with ongoing racism, systematic issues and abuse of power. but like i said, to say that all cops are bad is hurtful to cops that havent done anything wrong."

A little bit after posting that, my best friend replied to my story and asked me what the f*** was wrong with me. she then proceeded to accuse me of being a "racist f***" and she accused me of for supporting police brutality. no matter what i said to defend myself, she kept dragging me down for voicing my opinion. she then told me she couldnt be friends with a racist, and once i "open my eyes to the blatant violenct racism i support" then to hit her up. she finished by saying she was disappointed in my opinion and left the conversation.

here's the thing- I completely understand if you have a different opinion than me. I understand if you support ACAB, and i understand if you want to argue with me all day long. WE ALL HAVE OUR OWN OPINIONS. But to drag me down, insult me, and threaten to end our friendship? That's just immature. Idk what's going to happen, but if she can't come to terms with the fact that we believe different things, maybe im better off dropping her. I dont need that negativity in my life. life is s*** rn even without all this friend drama. ACAB, the Black Lives Matter movement (which i support- dont get me wrong), corona virus, quarantine, murder hornets... 2020 is really not it.

No matter what your opinion is on everything happening right now, please try and stay respectful. I know it's frustrating when people don't agree with your beliefs, but thats just how life works. right now we all just need to look past our differences and just solve this f****** thing without anyone else getting murdered.

Please stay safe. #BlackLivesMatter #notallcopsarebad