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The Plot For A Story I've Been Working On

Posted about about 2 months ago by Rosers_Mist

A top-security prisoner breaks out from the prison and goes into hiding. Two of his close friends hear word about him, and one of them named Sara spends weeks searching for him. Finally she finds him, in the middle of a wood far away from the country. They both help each other, and keep switching locations to avoid suspicions and recapture. The guy decides that it's time to stop running and instead plans to burn the government compound to the ground. The girl overhears and decides that she will go with him despite the guy's best attempts at stopping her. The building is destroyed by explosion, but all that is left is a burning land of nothingness that the girl survives. She looks for her partner but can't find him.After confirmation of the guy's death, the girl grieves a lot. She attends his funeral and burial. The girl blacks out and gets flashbacks of all the good times the two had together. The girl's grief agonizes her so much that she considers suicide. However, she remains strong to lead the new country as the leader.