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The last time (A poem I wrote)

Posted about about 1 month ago by Rosers_Mist

'Twas said that she didn't deserve to go like that
'Twas said that it must've been his fault her heart gave out
He spent days blaming himself
Thought that he didn't show that he cared enough
Now without his sister he felt broken and no longer as tough
Unable to bear the pain, one night at sharp midnight
He went to the woods with a knife in his pocket
Electric sockets bursting every second of the day
Sent a letter at his only friend's chaotic house
And that was the last time anyone heard or saw him
'Twas said that it was such a shame
That the family line had to come to an end
The siblings were laid on the 24th of August
The funeral was the grandest the town ever saw
The atmosphere was blank and pain sank in
And their closest friend, me, I spent my everyday
Crying at the graveyard, they called haunted
Silent and dark like hell, 'twas asked me to come home
But one day at the crack of dawn,
Thoughts started raging inside my mind,
I drove 24 hours to the Coral Sea,
It was a stormy day, when I jumped in to the Pacific
And that was the last time anyone heard or saw me