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A Someone Who Talked About Me

Posted about about 1 month ago by RyTheKing

I never wanted my name to be known by the world, lol. But now everyone knows. Rylan is a very unique name and I never enjoyed it but the way you speak to me about things that are different from me and everyone else makes me feel.. hmm. normal I presume. In Christianity, we believe that God connects through us through our neighbors and either God was speaking through you or you're just one heck of a therapist! But you have been a great friend, better than most of my real-life ones. I guess that's what I find intriguing about you: You're ambitious and straight toward. You have opinions and you are not afraid to express (of course not in an innocuous way). Now, I guess I'll say, "Gusto Kita," for a number of reasons and if you don't speak Tagalog, feel free to translate it but this one is directed to this "someone". The phrase, in my opinion, has many meanings, and one of the main reasons I have said this phrase was because mainly I am thankful, in fact to this entire community. I am thankful that you and everyone helped me find my identity.

- Rylan