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Dork diaries or Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Posted about 8 months ago by Sahansa

Guys welcome to my blog what is your selection from the above Dork diaries or Diary of a Wimpy kid .My fav one is Dork Diaries cause it is very very funny .Diary of a Wimpy kid also funny but little bit boring I guess .Some times this will bec I am a girl and I hate playing vedio games that Greck always do ,and also,I hate brothers .But Nicki in dork diaries is very funny and a girl .And she have a secret crush.That is Brandon.Also,I hate every thing happening romantically cause I need some what adventurous in a story .So Nicki is the character what I need in a story .And also she is very different from other middle schooletrs .And she has a frenenemy called McKenzie .I think if she lost such frenenemy the story will be very very boring without any problem.So,I am ending my blog .Hoping your ideas about these booksand likes