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Posted about about 2 months ago by Sahansa

Coco is an animated movie. I watched it today for the third time. The movie was so amazing. I love it. The main character was a boy called Miguel. He had a pet dog called Dante. The boy's ambition was to be a musician like his role model Ernesto de la Cruz. But the boy's family hated music. They wanted him to be a shoemaker like the whole family. Miguel's family considered music as a curse which killed Miguel's great - great grandfather. Miguel had an old, broken guitar. He kept it secretly with him to save it from his family. He hid Dante from his family. One day he accidentally broke the glass of the photo of his mama Imelda and mama coco. There was another person. Someone has cut the head of that person and folded the part he was. That person had a guitar on his hand. A guitar just like Ernesto's. Miguel thought that person in the photo, who must be mama Imelda's husband and mama coco's father and his.......great great grandfather was Ernesto de la Cruz. He grabbed the photo. Miguel was excited and he ran to his family to tell that he found that there was a musician in Rivera family. At that moment Miguel's grandma grabbed his guitar and broke it. He ran away from home. He could hear people talking about a talent show. He needed to enter. But he didn't have a guitar. He asked some people to borrow one, but no one helped him. So he thought to get Ernesto de la Cruz's guitar. As he touched the it he was transported to the Land of Death. He met his whole family. His mama Imelda gave her blessing to return. Miguel returned but he again touched the guitar and transported back to the Land of Death. He ran away from his dead family too. Then he met a guy called Hector. The man was funny. But people ignored him. He needed to put his photo in his ofrenda while Miguel needed the blessing from De la Cruz to return to his world with no conditions. He lied to Hector telling that there's no one left in the Land of Death to help him to return to his blessing. So Hector promised him to help. They had a deal. Miguel had to sing and win a competition to enter the De la Cruz's party. And then he sang Un Poco Loco. He left Hector too as he discovered that Miguel had other family members except Ernesto de la Cruz. He was alone with his dog Dante. He tried to enter the party but failed. Then he found the band which won the competition and asked for help. They helped him to enter. At last he found his great-great grandfather. He had to sing a song to get his attention. Miguel told De la Cruz that he's his great- great grandson. Then they were happy together. After all Miguel asked for the blessing. As he was trying to give him the blessing Hector entered and apologized. He said Miguel to take back his photo. And then Hector told that De la Cruz and he war partners. He also said that Ernesto stole his songs and guitar. Then Hector and Miguel discovered that Ernesto de la Cruz murdered Hector for his songs. Then De la Cruz called the security and pushed them to a sink hole. Hector was fading. Miguel asked why. Then he said "Coco is forgetting me". In that moment they discovered that they are family. Miguel was proud. Mama Imelda came to rescue both of them with her spirit guide and Dante. He was angry with her husband. When they were flying on the spirit guide Miguel thanked Dante and he became a spirit guide too. When the Rivera family heard that De la Cruz murdered Hector they gathered to take Hector's photo which was the last chance to see his daughter from De la Cruz. They had lots of obstacles. But they couldn't save Hector's photo. Mama Imelda and and Hector gave their blessing with no conditions. Hector was fading. As Miguel returned home he hurried to his mama Coco. He tried to take her memory. He failed at first. He grabbed Hector's guitar and played Remember me song while singing. Then she got her memory back. mama Coco showed Miguel her father's letters and....... the lost part of the photo of mama Coco's family. At the end everything was fine. hector could cross the bridge between the Land of Death and the Land of Living.