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5.2 are more like champions

Posted about 4 months ago by sanianation

Year 5 had a singing competition on Friday 17\05\19 we were singing a song called Bwana Nipe Pesa and so were the others .The was interesting because it was in kiswahili i and it was about a man who leaves his house and enjoys himself while the kids and wife go around the village looking for food and money. Our music teacher was advising us to sing louder and I think also the other classes. On Thursday the last lesson of school.Our homeroom and our music teacher gave us more advise like our teacher told the girls to carry a (cloth or shawl) and a scarf to cover our heads to make it more REALISTIC and some makeup .She told the boys to carry a cap and with their sweaters the would but it in to have a big big belly and a marker to draw a beard .It was Friday ,in the morning we were changing into the clothes we were required to bring .The judges rang the bell, we were announced to go to the stage

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