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Posted about 5 months ago by Savagebean

Haya! I'm bean! (Not saying real name -_-) to be honest today has been easy! Me and my fam have been out all mornin soo... Any way let's get to the point. I'm am bean which I've said about 3 time... But yea! So you can call me bean! I'm gonna mostly talk about me! So you guys can get to know me! Tbh I don't have many friends my age, I lost some here and there! Not trying to make anyone feel bad! I'm just saying truth! I don't and I'm fine with that some times... The ones that I lost... I guess wasn't the right friends! But that's fine because over the summer I made new friends! And I'm happy! Literally the first like 2 week I lost my friend I was like depressed but I'm totally back to normal. I have a pet lizard his name is Prince ali! He's a leopard gecko he ish soo CUTE! we got him for me and my brothers birthday me and him are a year apart im older so yea! I'm really not planning to be popular here. Well maybe XD

~peace fam~