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The Man in Black #1 with some Madrigal information

Posted about over 9 years ago by savkw_1476875

In book nine, the Man in Black's identity is revealed. If you want to find out for yourself, do NOT read on.

The Man in Black (now the man in grey) is......... Fiske Cahill.

Some information about Fiske:

-He was one of Graces siblings. A lot of people didn't know about him. Amy and Dan didn't until Fiske told him in the ninth book.

-He is a Madrigal. He is now making Dan and Amy active members of the Madrigal clan.

I will give you more detailed information later.

Additional Information related to The Man in Black:

-Grace was the leader of the Madrigal clan. It said so in a puzzle in the seventh book. Most people don't notice it though.

-A Madrigal base is located in Attleboro, Massachusetts, which happens to be where Grace lived. That's some more proof that Grace was the Madrigal leader.

-Nellie was offered to be a Madrigal in the ninth book by the Man in Black. The Madrigals are impressed with her efforts with Amy and Dan.

Will have more later. Leave me a comment about this, and tell me what you think.

Thanks for reading!

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