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Monster Junior High: My Imagined Characters

Posted about 4 months ago by Schmoodled123

I’ve imagined my own Monster High characters, a couple are the same kind of monster, but they go to junior high instead and I’d like to share them here...
Drake Dracula: Son of Count Dracula
Age: 113 years old
Killer Style: I’ve never really thought about it that much, y’know? I usually just wear black from head to toe. But I like my black turtleneck shirts.
Freaky Flaw: I have the most powerful powers of any Vampire. Most of the time, I can’t control them and they backfire on me.
Favourite Colour: I like blood red, like my eyes
Favourite Food: Chicken nuggets and blood pudding
Biggest Pet Peeve: I don’t like how my dad’s powers work right and mine don’t. It makes me feel inferior, no matter how much he supports me.
Favourite Activity: I love flying as a bat on the night of the full moon.
Pet: Vesper is my dog-dragon shapeshifter. He’s called a Drogan.
Favourite School Subject: Does study howl count?
Least Favourite School Subject: Drama. Ms. Misery hates my “lack of passion”
Fanny Stein: Daughter of Frankenstein
Age: 113 years old
Killer Style: My friends say I have a unique figure for fashion. They’ve told me it’s a good thing.
Freaky Flaw: Sometimes my electric powers go off by themselves. Like when I feel negative emotions or get too close to chlorinated water.
Favourite Colour: Electric blue
Favourite Food: Most things without mushrooms
Biggest Pet Peeve: Every morning when my brother, sisters and I wake up, our father insists on grinning and shouting, “They’re alive!”
Favourite Activity: Hanging with my friends and doing science projects.
Pet: Sparky is my pet Drogan
Favourite School Subject: History. It helps me understand where my friends come from.
Least Favourite School Subject: Swimming. The pool water makes my powers go crazy.
Howlonymus “Howler” Wolf: Son of the Werewolf
Age: 113 years old
Killer Style: I usually wear a blue tank with stripes under a black jacket and dark red pants and runners, but I sometimes go in shorts and no jacket.
Freaky Flaw: I have sort of a...really bad temper. But I’m getting better...sort of.
Fav. Colour: Dark blue
Fav. Food: Steak, medium rare
Biggest Pet Peeve: My twin sister is always telling me to clean up my side of our room. It’s MY side!
Fav. Activity: Hanging with my friends and skateboarding. And hand-to-hand combat.
Pet: Rebel is my Drogan
Fav. School Subject: Study howl. I like the silence, it keeps my temper calm.
Least Fav. Subject: Freshman Orientation, taking all those notes is such a drag.