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We've found love

Posted about 2 months ago by Shallowwolf

Life goes over and over....until god decides its done...and that my friends is going to be for years and months and century's and decades and lots lots lots more...we've all found love I've lost love recently..BC one of my lovers fell for a boy instead of there gf...but..Aldo recently...I've found love haha once again..we've allound love in a hopeless place..and we can find more in one life...or another..heaven or hell..no matter were...we will...but for now I shall not speak of my new lover.. Not quite yet..soon...but on the first day of June..I want u to blog about your lovers so u can tell everyone how much they mean to u...and how much they love u....so pls celebrate the rainbow month with me show me how much u care show everyone how much u care...we got this let's spend time together while we can BC we r going to stand side by side fighting fighting for the world...we got this only if we r together..together...FOREVER!.