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My love

Posted about 2 months ago by Shallowwolf

OK so all r lives we've been waiting for someone...and I've said I've found the right one over and over but my love is dead until last month...I found someone..that really loves me..and I can't believe it..I really can't and if u asked why..then let me answer for u BC I'm a maniac I'm a masotist I'm crazy but I've changed so much only for one person..my Bunny my only love..and I will hold on to her as long as I can..BC I love her ..and I will love her for eternity and yes I've been through a lot..but this time..its gonna be better than ever..my baby bunny and who said a fox and a bunny can be together BC I've aclomplashed that I made it happen...only for my love.

Love: Shallowwolf