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A book written by me./chapter 1

Posted about about 2 months ago by SuperShark49

Little Red Riding Hood chapter 1
The Mistress of cruelty
Once upon a time, there lived a girl who had a lot of ego. Her name was Red. She always thought she was the greatest, so all the villagers hated her. They always mistreated her and her family. One day while Red was going to school a witch appeared out of nowhere. The witch kidnapped Red while the obnoxious girl kicked and screamed. Her father heard the commotion and came to free Red. But when he got there there was just a trail of blood. He followed the trail fearing the worst. The trail stopped at 4 stones perfectly aligned to form a square. The devastated father looked around everywhere but Red was nowhere to be seen. He returned home with a dejected look. The witch had knocked the living daylight out of Red. When Red groggily opened her eyes she saw the witch adding some vulture eyes into a weird potion that bubbled and glowed. Red took a look at the place around her and discovered it was some kind of cave that was filled with shelves of gross things like snake spit, anaconda brain, garter snake poison all neatly lined up in jars labeled with whatever gross item was inside. The witch’s back was faced toward Red so the witch didn’t notice Red as she got up and quietly made her way to the witch. As Red approached the door she suddenly had an idea. Red tip-toed towards the witch and shoved her into the pot. The witch screamed and thrashed around like a crazed animal but soon lay still in the stinky potion. Red examined all the potions one by one and accidentally bumped into a super secret door. She fell down the stairs screaming all the way down, and when she reached the bottom a mysterious voice said,” Are you done screaming in utter terror?’’ Red looked around in confusion wondering who the voice belonged to. Suddenly she thought she saw a shadow lurking in the corner. She quickly turned toward the shadow and saw a great big wolf. Red was frozen in terror but she quickly came to her senses and ran out of the hut as fast as her puny little legs could take her.